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JORGE MOSS 8 Oz Soy Candle Nibbana:


Immerse yourself in a powerful masculine scent that will bring you a sense of ultimate relaxation and peace. Inspired by the concept of "Nibbana" in Buddhism, this fragrance is designed to provide a feeling of rejuvenation, protection, and serenity. Perfect for enhancing your vacation experience or creating a peaceful atmosphere at home. Crafted with natural essential oils, this blend features notes of rich mahogany, earthy teakwood, robust oak, and calming lavender. Embrace the harmonious balance of strength and tranquility with every breath.


Made in Miami, FL USA. For more check out of shop page and see our lighter candle Esencia Tara by Betsy Moss.


Ingredients: Soy Candle

Nibbana Candle

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